We are a contemporary art gallery on the cutting edge in Eugene, Oregon.

Our mission:  Sharing exceptional contemporary artists, art, and art education with the world community.

We are thrilled to represent the following artists at this time:  Carla Axtman, Bill Brewer, Robert Canaga, Gene Costanza, Abbas Darabi, Esteban Davis, Kathleen Frazer, Heather Halpern, Wesley Hurd, Kirk Lybecker, Renee Manford, Carrie O'Coyle, Randy Ortiz, Elena Grace Orwick, Michael Orwick, Marie Hélène Rake, Claudia Schouten, Angelita Surmon, Tancho Images (Steve and Penelope Oshatz; Bach Festival Scarves and More) and Jeff White. 


 Now showing: "Homage to the NW Landscape"  


TGATWS proudly supports Create!Eugene - a month-long celebration of the arts in Eugene with creative workshops, a plein air competition and kids activities.